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COVID-19 Update 18th June 2020

Expansion of Restricted Sailing

As the lockdown rules continue to be relaxed we are now expanding sailing in specific arranged sessions (Please see Webcollect for the schedule). Additional facilities are also being made available in a carefully controlled way. Updates are in Bold below.
The committee will continue to re-evaluate as the situation evolves and in July we will consider what the next stage of opening could be, with children held in mind: We would love to offer some junior sailing sessions but it will probably be for those that can sail confidently and will probably need to buddy sail with a parent in a club boat or in the same boat.

Rules for Sailing:

  • Sailing is currently restricted to Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 9pm and Sunday Mornings from 9am to 11am (when visitors to the Tarn are fewer).
  • Only 10 boats to be sailing at once using the booking system on Webcollect (This is important to be able to monitor usage and demand).
  • Please only use your own boat – Club boats not to be used and boats not to be loaned.
  • Two (or more) signs will be provided to warn Tarn visitors and ask them to give launching/recovering boats some space (It goes without saying to please treat all other Tarn users with respect and be polite, and keep 2m apart).
  • One sign to be put outside the gate leading to the Tarn, the other(s) on the ramp/jetty (Don’t forget to disinfect hands after recovering the signs).
  • Only 2 boats on the jetty at once (well spaced out) – please rig and launch and derig and recover your boat as quickly as possible.
  • Trollies must not be left in the jetty area and must be returned to the boat park while sailing.
  • When landing you may need to approach the Jetty and let people know you will be landing, then go around again to give them time to move.
  • Please also be mindful of others and restrict yourself to an hour if there are others waiting to sail.
  • Single-handers only (unless all crew are in the same household).
  • No safety boat – you must be totally confident of self rescue (No sailing in heavy winds/strong gusts).
  • Capable sailors only and there must be at least two boats sailing, operating as ‘Buddy Sailors’, due to no Safety boat.
  • While you will need to arrive ready to sail and leave without changing a single toilet will be available with one person in the club building at once. Hands will need to be washed/sanitised both before and after entry to the building.
  • Limited access may be made available to the containers under guidance of the session supervisor – This is specifically only for personal items (not club owned) and we ask that only your personal equipment is touched. If at all possible we ask that you take equipment out and then keep it so access needs are minimised. (Note that we can only offer this as there will be more than 72 Hours between access times)
  • Only fully paid up members can sail (As before, please contact the committee if you are having difficulties as arrangements are possible)

The following conditions still apply to the dinghy park :

  • The dinghy park would be open for members to carry out boat repairs and boat space tidying.
  • All members must bring their own tools and equipment.
  • Social distancing rules apply and if it is too busy to maintain the 2 meter rule then you should leave.
  • If the car park is too busy to park without leaving appropriate space then please leave it until a less busy time.
  • There will be no access to the containers other than as outlined above.
  • The clubhouse will remain closed and should only be accessed in the case of an emergency (eg First aid). The kitchen and toilets should not be used other than as outlined above.
  • Anyone coming in and out of the grounds must wipe down any surfaces they touch with their own disinfectant both before and after use – This specifically includes the gates and locks.
  • Anyone who uses the club should have paid their membership fees to ensure they are club members so are fully insured. (Options are available for those affected by the situation – Please contact the committee to discuss further here)

We would like to remind anyone in a vulnerable category that they are advised to avoid contact with anyone outside of their immediate household and should not visit at all. It would also be appreciated if children did not visit for now.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Yeadon Sailing Club

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