Covid Precautions

COVID-19 Update 12th September 2021

Opening up and staying safe

We are still being cautious at the moment but opening up as much as possible.

The Latest Risk Assessment is available here

Rules for Sailing:

  • Maintain Social Distancing where possible.
  • Sanitise/wash your hands regularly.
  • Wearing masks in the building is encouraged but is a personal decision.
  • The galley can be used but please try to keep it to one person at once and clean up/sanitise the area after use.
  • Please try and arrive ready to sail and leave without changing if possible.
  • Changing rooms can be used but with up to only 3 people in the mens at a time and 2 in the ladies and please change as quickly as possible.
  • Check before entering changing rooms – if the changing rooms are at capacity, please wait outside the changing room area/corridor.
  • Sanitise hooks/benches/handles etc before and after use.
  • Keep as far apart from each other in the changing rooms as possible.
  • Note that changing rooms are NOT to be used for storing kit, even while sailing. While sailing, bags can be left in the main clubroom (as long as they are out of the way).
  • Showers are not to be used (Other than in an emergency).
  • Keep doors and windows open while people are in the clubroom (Duty Officers, probably best to avoid the Race Box, or at least keep the windows open while there).
  • Anyone who uses the club must have paid their membership fees to ensure they are club members so are fully insured. (As before, please contact the committee if you are having difficulties as arrangements are possible)

Let’s all continue to enjoy sailing safely!

Yeadon Sailing Club

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