Virtual Training Session 2 – ‘Bits of a Boat’

Here’s a recording of what happened in the second Virtual Training session:

And here’s the completed view of a boat with all the parts named:

Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all, you’ll get used to them over time! We always try and use non-technical terms when training so you can learn to sail even if you can’t remember the names of things.

The things that it’s useful to remember first are:

  • Mast and Boom (You’ll learn these while rigging the boat before we sail)
  • That the Tiller is the stick that you move to steer the boat (Because someone might tell you to ‘Push the tiller away’)
  • That the rope that you pull connected to the sail is the Sheet (Because someone might tell you to ‘Sheet Out’ or ‘Sheet in’ – which mean ‘Let the big rope run out through your hands’, or ‘Pull the big rope in’)

Soon after that will come Rudder, Kicker and Centreboard as we also need these when getting the boat rigged.

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