Barley straw treatment of the tarn – Can you help ?

Hi All, the regular barley straw treatment of the tarn is going to be done again on Wednesday 5th September.
This helps to keep the water blue green algae free and relies on volunteers from all tarn users (fishing club, model boat club and the sailing club) to help ouBt as well as the Leeds CC Parks Department and the local councillers.
This is carried out twice a year (September and March) and the work involves removing the old straw from the tarn and stuffing new straw in mesh ‘sausages’ to float back out on the tarn.
If you can help with the working party please come along on the 5th from 9.00am.
The more that help, the easier the job!! 🙂
Photos from previous years treatment (probably March time looking at the warm clothing) kindly borrowed from the Lib Dem Councillor Ryk Downes Website. 
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