Dutyman is up and running

Dear Club Member,
The club’s duty roster has now been published and is open for members to choose their duty slots. This is run on a system called Dutyman. You should have had an email on the 17th January which gave you instructions about logging on to it and more recently Sarah sent out a guide to it as well. It is good to see people volunteering for various duties already and the duty slots are filling up ! So if you want to choose a particular day to do your duty you need to get in and “book early !

One of the commitments of being a member of the club is that you help with the running of the club by volunteering as Race Officer / Assistant. The job of the Race Officer is to provide safety cover for race entrants, as well as to set the course and to run the races. It is also an opportunity to spend some quality time with other club members, learn some new skills that may not be covered in Tuesday night training, and to pick up good racing tips!

If you don’t have much experience of racing, please volunteer for Assistant Officer of the Day (AOOD) and you will be paired with an experienced Officer of the Day (OOD). Junior members are not expected to do any duties, but any juniors who want to help are very welcome to get involved.

If you are an experienced member, please don’t volunteer to do a duty with another experienced Member, instead leave the AOOD duty available for someone with less experience who can learn from you. This does not apply to Open Days and Trophy races where it is preferable to have a more experienced team in charge.

If you do a lot of racing you should volunteer for at least four duties. If you don’t race much (or at all) please at least volunteer for two duties.

You will be able to volunteer for duty slots until the end of March, then any remaining slots will be filled in automatically with those who have not volunteered.

If the dates you want have gone you can always ask to swap using Dutyman or in person. (if you arrange a swap in person please also update dutyman, or email me and I will change it)

If you are unable to do your duty, and you are unable to swap, please get in touch as soon as possible and I will try to organize a replacement.

Martin Ashby (Sailing Secretary (Acting))

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