National 12 ‘Kalishu’ for sale

I have restored N1457 , called Kalishu, and have a wonderful photo of the dinghy sailing on Yeadon Tarn, possibly in the 1950s. I sailed her on Windermere and realised it needed to be sailed by someone more nimble. I want this lovely boat to be used by someone who might appreciate its great history and I would be happy to donate the boat to the club. There is an alloy mast, 2 sets of sails and all the rigging etc. It would need a buoyancy check and a launching trolley.
My daughter lives at Kirkstall so we visit Leeds regularly and I will tow the boat down from Newcastle . When restoring the boat I was contacted by the son of the original owner who remembers sailing at Yeadon with his Dad.
Best wishes
Andrew Thomas

PS this is one of the boats that appears on our club history page!

National 12

Unfortunately the club can’t take the boat on itself due to the wooden hull. We don’t have over-winter storage that it would require, and we don’t have enough volunteers for maintenance.

If any Yeadon members are interested in owning & sailing a returning piece of our club’s history, please get in touch with aandsthomas (at)

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